The Elijah Age

Theme – Raising End Time children
  • Throughout history, God equipped certain children with extraordinary power at strategic times to save the people of their day.
The Elijah Age = Special children are born at special times
Example of Samson – the first Nazarite – Judges 13:1–7
John the Baptist foretold – Malachi 4:5–6
5 “Look, I am sending you the prophet Elijah before the great and dreadful day of the Lord arrives.
The Elijah Age is: ENERGIZED by God
  • In both cases, the wives (of even godly men) were infertile
  • a miracle was required (Judges 13:3; Luke 1:7)
  • The Elijah Age will empower the Church to a miraculous level. 
Personal application: God still does miracles! 
  • God can energize the areas of your life that seem to be dormant.
The Elijah Age is: IDENTIFIED by God
Angel spoke –  (Judges 13:7; Luke 1:13)
God is Faithful to His Promises!
  • if you have been waiting on a promise from God, stay in faith and keep waiting because God is faithful to fulfill what he has promised!
The Elijah Age is: SANCTIFIED to God
  • Nazarite Vow
  • Both children were set apart for God from birth (Judges 13:7; Luke 1:14–17)
The Elijah Age is: BAPTIZED in God
The Spirit of the Lord came upon both of them from a very early moment in their lives (Judges 13:25; Luke 1:15).
  • PHYSICAL strength the defeat the NATURAL enemies of his day.
  • SPIRITUAL strength to confront and speak truth to the powers of his day.
Even from an early age:
  • The Holy Spirit caused Samson to be STIRRED
  • The Holy Spirit caused John the Baptist to leap for joy! – Luke 1:41
The Elijah Age is: AUTHORIZED by God
  • Parents have been given a great task and responsibility to raise children for the Lord.
Godly children come from godly homes
  • Parents are to have a lifestyle of loving and worshipping and serving God
  • John the Baptist = forerunner for Jesus – the Ultimate Nazarene! – John 1:29
YOUR child is born for these times





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